Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Hi guys!! sorry for not updating my blog for some time. Was very busy this few weeks. And I would have to say form6 surely contributed to the busy life I'm having now.
Well, I've read many articles about people saying they have spilt or dual personalities. I didn't really believe at 1st but now I'm beginning to see it in my own life. I use to have two personalities but not in a good way. I was either good or evil. Last time, I will show my good attitude in church, MYF, or even in sunday school. Then, when I get to places without the supervision from my parents, I would be like a living devil. I was very good at this 'acting' that only a few people know the real devil in me. That was last time for your info but now this spilt personality has changed its concept.
Now, I find that I have to changed my personality when I'm with different group of friends. Mixing with my school friends(only guys cause I'm from a single sex school), I'll have to behave in a particular way. As in the jokes we crack (I don't mean bad or dirty jokes), the topics we talk about and stuff like that. Then when I mix with friends from other schools (gals n guys this time), it's a different 'frequency'. When I hang out with my friends from MYF it'll be another. But the one I'm most comfortable with will be with my MYFers. They're a bunch of people I grow up with. But as time goes by, I begin to feel comfortable in every different situation. It may sound good to many of you but I'm seriously confused about my actual self now. I tried testing by swicthing my 'frequency' around and guess what, it's terrible. It's just no go.
Now I'm wondering, why can't i just have one personality and fit in to anywhere. But at least I know which group of friends I'm most comfortable with. The best time will be in JS. I only need to be myself and it fits well. I really miss the 1st 6 months of my life in the year 2006. I really miss the time of my life when I get to serve God so actively. After settling down in school life, there are just so many distractions. So busy with life. Sigh.....
I would like to end by dedicating this poetry or whatever you call it to all my blog readers.

Flowers bloom and blossom in the spring
Birds chirp and bears roar when the 1st sun shine is seen
But I'm here penning down my blue grey feelings
What troubles me is something beyond words
All is said but nothing is done
No one can help except the true God above

Sad happy sad happy face I show
Hiding my feelings from the people I know
Just so sick and tired of all these things
But God assured me with the one true promise
That He remembers me day and night,
And loves me with all His heart.

Hope you my friends will like it.God bless!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Hi people! I'm back in Malaysia soil after 10 days. This trip I went was indeed a great blessing to me and my whole team. The last 10 days of my life will always be in my memory, forever. I saw God did wonders, one after the other. I felt like I'm the luckiest person on earth after this trip. God has been so so so real to me. I have never seen God at work so mightly in my life, but now i have. I am filled with joy.
God has also place a burden in me for this nation. This burden in me just helps me to keep on rely on God, which is something good. The people there touched my heart in a way that I have not felt before. They are just so eager to be prayed for. The other thing is their perseverence to pray for their own country. Their love and affection for their own nation deserves all my respect. This is something I have never seen in my own country.
The friends I have made will always remain close to my heart. I am looking forward to meet them again. It is going to be a difficult task but I believe if I pray to God with faith, it will happen. 1 person's air ticket will cost about RM1000 plus, so if anyone of you would love to help me, just let me know. I'll be very thankful and I'm sure that God will be pleased too. The time we shared there were just so meaningful and so memorable.
I don't have much time to blog about this trip. It just makes me feel sad that I can't stay there longer. But I have a strong feeling that I'll be going there again. So i just want to thank all of you who have prayed for me. I also pray that God's will for that nation will be done through me and the rest of the team.
All praise and glory be to God!!!