Monday, October 08, 2007

Pre-STPM journey

Study, study and study.. That's about what I have to do for the next 50 days or so. Life becomes such a routine with STPM around the corner. Can't do this or that.. When friends come back for their semester break, can't really hang out much with them. Life is just so dull right now. But at least I'm glad that I'm still able to attend church and MYF. Those are the time where I can take a break from the world of studying and enjoy myself.

Yesterday was a sad day because my pregnant swordtail fish died. I was expecting about 100 baby fish but somehow it just died. I can't find any reason for its death. And today, her partner died as well. I wonder, do fish have emotions like us humans. After the female died, the male became less active and often stayed at one place. I thought something might be wrong with the water so I changed it but it didn't help. I'm gonna get some new ones cause I tak puas hati they just died like that.

I gotta sign off now and get back to my studying. To all who are reading my entries, please pray for me that I may do well in my STPM. I really appreciate if you guys pray for me. I guess the next entry will be after my STPM which ends on the 3rd of December.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my friends!!!