Tuesday, July 10, 2007


One day, a man had a conversation with God.

Man : God, I have one question to ask You.
God : Shoot it.
Man : May I know which side are You on? My side or my enemies' side?
God : Why do you need to ask questions like these? Isn't it easier if you just come to My side? Then you won't need to worry which side I'm on.
Man : Come to Your side?
God : Yea. Invite Me and I will come. I will surely come.

Although we might be Christians for many many years, along our journey we might feel a little dry, as if God was far away. You tend to feel Your walk with God is stagnant, a routine. Why don't we just invite God again? I have personally felt the dry and stagnant walk with the Lord. God is always there for us and all we need to do is ask. Sometimes we concentrate so much on praying for others till we forget to pray for ourselves. A balance will be good. We may feel like we are walking through a desert but God will provide an oasis to refresh us.

Remember, God is the landlord of our heart and we are the tenant. If we don't invite the landlord(God) in, He will still be standing outside, waiting.