Thursday, August 30, 2007

50th Independence

Hi people.. I guess it is almost 2 months since I last posted an entry. I would say STPM and other stuff has been taking up much of my time. Before I continue saying anything else, Happy 50th Independence Day Malaysia.

Well, my STPM trials is coming up in 5 days. Ya, just 5 short days left and yet I haven't finish studying half of what I'm suppose to accomplish. Nothing or no one is to blame because it is me who is lazy to get things moving. Not mentioning the amount of tv I'm watching. I've decided not to put high hopes for this trials but rather concentrate on the real STPM.

Today in Malaysia, everyone is celebrating our 50th Independence Day or suppose to be celebrating la. As for myself, nothing much of celebration has been done today or during eve of this event. But I'm glad that tonight in my Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF), we're gonna have some celebration in a small scale. Playing game which is indirectly connected to our Independence Day which we call 'catch the flag' game whereby we have 2 forts with a flag each. The purpose is to take over your opponent's fort by getting hold of their flag. We'll also be having water balloons to throw at each other so I guess it would be some fun. A short devotion will be shared based on the significance of the year of Jubilee in the bible. Then, we will be singing some patriotic songs prepared by our president. And of course, spending some time to pray for our nation as an MYF.

That will be all from me this time for I manage to find a little time to post this entry and to let you guys know that I'm still alive. heh.. Everything is fine for now but will be better when STPM is over! Adios...