Thursday, July 20, 2006

We mean everything to Him??

Hey!!Just decided to blog about something. Not because I want to avoid from people spamming me, but I really got something to blog about.
Well, many people say that God is their everything and stuff like that. I'm not saying that it's not true in fact it is very true but i just wonder how many people realize that we are also everything to God. It's something that goes both ways. If we're not everything to Him, He won't care less about our existance here on earth. He won't be pourin His love for us stuff like that. If He doesn't care, we'll just be rubbish that He created. And that's not true! We are everything to Him and that is why He always wants to have a relationship with us human beings. He is always there waiting for us to come to Him. In many occasions we say that God has forsaken us and stuff like that but I believe it's not true. It is actually us that have drawn away form God. So remember friends, God is always there for us and we mean a lot to Him. YAY!!!
That's all i'll be blogging this time. Just another thought in my mind that is written down. Adios!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just another bad day.....

Things weren't going right from the time I woke up till this moment as I'm blogging. On my way to school, I was listening to news on the radio. Main topic is about the bombing in Mumbai. India is one of my favourite country because I have many nice Indian freinds and I just love their food.Haha.. This incident is going to create even more problems among races and religions.Sigh.. Then the conflict between North Korea and some countries. Israel soldiers being captured by the Lebonese as hostages. Fooh..Press is just so depressing nowadays. I really pray and hope that wars won't be happening. It may seem quite impossible after reading and hearing all these news. Just pray that the sovereign One will take control of this matter.
Well, that's not all the bad things for the day. In school we had a spot-checked. The bad thing that happen to me is, one 'GREAT' teacher snap my sideburn off!!!! And he only cut one side. He's such an evil person!!! The length of my sideburn was at the correct length but his hand is just so gatal. I was very pissed after that. I was so angry because I'm very particular about my hair and some more my hair is at the permitted length. The worse part is, he's my church member. I don't know what's wrong with that guy. He just likes to pick on the people he knows in school. Just feel like calling him BABOON right at his face. I know hating someone is wrong but I'm just having a hard time forgiving him. I pray that God will give me the heart to forgive even right now because hating someone is not a right thing and it's also tiring.
Another thing that happen in school is. I thought I lost my wallet. But actually, I forgot to bring to school so it's safe and sound at home. But not counting the fact that I may get fine RM100 if i lost my MYkad. It's a great relieve after coming home and find my wallet sitting on my table.
I gotta go now. Just needed to blog to lepas my geram.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

5 or more??

Looking at the title, which is so general, can bring any meaning. Bathe 5 times a day like Lawrence Chin? Watch 5 hours of tv? Chatting on the phone for 5 hours non stop? Having to be called more than 5 times before getting out of bed? Well, what i really meant by 5 or more is the number of times we pray a day.....
We live in Malaysia where our Muslim friends pray 5 times a day. Although it is a must in their religion to pray 5 times a day, I believe 99% of them do it faithfully everyday without much complain, even during this World Cup fever. This is something we can learn from them as Christians. Bowing down on a piece of mat to pray. Maybe we can minus the mat but I really think bowing down to pray is something very meaningful. I'm not sure why the Muslims bow down when they pray but I believe its an action showing that we put down everything else, surrendering all we have to pray. We may say that all these are in our hearts when we pray but God must be more pleased when we put into action. I realized that when someone on the pulpit says 'lets bow our heads and pray', not everyone will do so.
Speaking about praying 5 times a day, I think its something we should really put effort in. Our Muslim friends get up 5 in the morning to pray for the 1st time of the day. I wonder how many Christians do that. I heard a church in Korea wakes up at 4 in the morning to attend prayer meeting in their church. I really admire such people. The passion to pray is so strong. This is something done with full of commitment too.
I myself am trying to be more active in my prayer life. Not only to pray for myself but also for my church, MYF, people around me, etc... In school, I would pray whenever the muslims are praying. For example, when the uztaz prays before the assembly starts, when certain teachers ask the muslim students to pray before he or she starts to teach, when the 'azan' at 1 something p.m is heard (there's a mosque near my school), and every morning before the school makes the morning announcements. Its not as easy as it sounds but I really encourage those who experience this in school to pray at those particular times.
Well, this is all I wanna share with all my blog readers. Hope it really means something to you all because it really means a lot to me. God blezz!!