Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year 2006 at a glimpse

Just a little update on what I have to say bout the year 2006...

January - June
1. Started the year with Jeremiah School - super COOL!!
2. Followed by MYF local retreat - good fellowship
3. Had no problem in deciding what to do after I got my SPM results - Form 6
4. The highest moment in my life - Myanmar Mission Trip - Amazing time!!!

July - November
1. 'Rain' fell on the wrong time..
2. 'Sun' came up on the wrong day..
3. 'Wind' blew only to cause disaster...
4. 'Earth' shook to bring things down...
(Not sharing here what I went through.. But I guess you can know how I felt...)

1. Youth Quake 2006 - exciting and wonderful!! (one person saved for the Lord)
2. Christmas preparation - tiring but fun at the same time...
3. All the Christmas programs - MYF Christmas Party, Caroling, Christmas Day. - everything was good!!

Well I guess now I can understand what it means by life's like a roller coaster. God started off my year by throwing me up high. Then, He brought me down, sinking like an anchor into the ocean deep. Lastly, He found me and lifted me up like a soaring eagle.

At certain times of the year I may have doubt God's power and His presence but in the end He made me realize that He is still in control. Forgive me Lord for all the things I've done that doesn't please You. Teach and correct me of my mistakes so that I may be presented before You as a holy sacrifice. Thank You Lord for all the wonderful time we share together. My paths are made straight because You were there by my side.

All praise and glory be to God...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Has Christmas just passed?

For the past few years at least, I've been so busy when Christmas is around the corner. Caroling, MYF Christmas party, Christmas service, etc.. Will all these ever end one day? I'm not complaining about doing all these for the Lord, it's just that I realized I don't have time for Him on His birthday..

I don't think I ever did spend some serious moments with God on Christmas day. Christmas day is when He sent His son, Jesus to us. No one else could have given me such a wonderful gift. After all many people these days don't give presents out of love anymore. But He gave this miraculous gift to us out of love. That love didn't last only for a day. It lasted till today and it will be for eternity.

Such amazing love He has poured out for me and yet all I did on Christmas was play the guitar in the morning service? How can this be?? My friends can never show me so much love and care but I can spend a few hours with them to celebrate their birthday??

This just doesn't make sense to me at the moment. I can't say for definite that all I did during the Christmas season were for Him. Did I do all that to prove that I'm a capable person?? Am I proving that I can handle many things at the same time and doing it well?? Or am I really doing all that for Him?? I can't give you an answer. Or maybe I'm ashame of giving you the real answer. Sigh..

Lord.. Forgive me if my intentions were wrong. I deeply regret them..

Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Life Reformed

Once a spark, now a flame...
Once a still water, now a raging sea...
Once a breeze, now a storm...

That is exactly how I'm feeling right now. The only thing when talking to God now is thanking Him for a wonderful week that He has given me. God has turned me around not only 180 degrees, but He turned me again and again. Its like when you dip a marshmellow into the chocolate dip and you turn it again and again. Wonderful!!
All the deepest desire in my heart He has fulfilled in just 4 days. I saw His mighty hand reaching down to me when I couldn't even feel His slightest touch. He used me as an instrument to bring someone to Him. That guy was the first person I've brought to Christ and that was my deepest desire in my heart. Many more wonderful things that happened that I dunno how to write it down.
I really desire that God will continue to use me to extend His kingdom. All glory and thanks to the Lord!!! :)