Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Suprise in KL

As I'm typing..My legs feel like they're breaking. This is due to too much of walking. Not because I join a walkathon or what, but because I went jalan-jalan in mid valley for about 9 hours!! Its super crazy. Not much choice as I'm following my parents.
This entry is not to tell you guys bout what I bought of did in mid valley. Its about someone I met in Sunway Pyramid yesterday..
As i was walking with my sis looking for Christmas presents, we stopped by a stall near the escalator. The woman at the stall began to talk to us saying this thing is how much that is how much. As she was talking, the slang of her english was very familiar. It sounded so much like a Myanmeese speaking english. For those who dunno, I went Myanmar before. So, I asked my sis to ask her where's she from cause I was eager to find out. She said she was from Myanmar. Hah!! Like I expected. Without any delay, i greeted her 'minggalabar'(greetings in Burmeese). She was so happy and she replied 'chezu tempade'(thank you in Burmeese). I think she never expected someone to greet her in her mother tongue. She just kept smiling as my sis was paying. After that we continue jalan-jalan.
Honestly I was excited when I found out she's a Myanmeese. It's like meeting a family member. I myself din expect to meet a Myanmeese and talk to one in Malaysia. All the memories when my time in Myanmar just flashes back. I really miss that place very much. I told myself earlier that one day I will definitely return to the country I loved so much. And I know that one day will come.
Well I gotta take my shower now then off to bed. Its a long and tiring day for me. Adieu!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Flow of Life

It has been a long long time since i updated. Sorry to those who visited my blog many times but always seeing the same old posting. Thousand apologies!!
Times have changed where things just flow swiftly like the river. Rocks and stones have emerged to give a little twist and turn to the flow. No one or anything should be blamed for this is just part of life.
Although things might have changed but I am still glad that God is in control. He is like the water in the river. Smoothing all rocks and stones in our path. Through every rock and stone we bumped into, He wants us to know that He was there before us. By His grace and mercy, we are able to reach the end where everything is according to His perfect plan. Just like a river that ends with a beautiful waterfall. If we follow Him, He will lead us right to the finish line.
Remember that sufferings in life should not make us change our course but instead we should overcome them with the flow of God. Include God in your flow of life and He will make it perfect.