Thursday, May 25, 2006

Myanmar here i come!!

You have kept me waiting. You are going to be an excitment to me. You are packed with suprises, waiting for me. You must have many other things up your sleeves. Myanmar is what I'm talking about. I really don't know what to expect. I'll be doing my best and play my part in this missions trip. Play my role as a team member. So friends, uphold me in your prayers. Pray for the whole team as well.

Don't have much time to blog this time. Still got to do some last minute packing. I'll update after I return from Myanmar. Adios amigo(s)!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Days has come back!!

3 days of school has just gone by. The only nice thing about it is I just went the 1st and the 3rd day.haha.. That is because the 2nd day was teacher's day so we lower 6 people have no place to hang out. For the 2 days i went, school is nothing but boring. It is not because of lessons, it's because we had nothing to do. The 1st day, after registering, we just sat in the hall and did nothing. I went out the hall to get some fresh air because it's like a micro-wave in there. Just hang aorund outside the hall with my friends and sembang. It's kinda boring though. Wasted so much of our time. Then, the worse part came. Just because I was formerly from this school (Sultan Abdul Hamid College), the school counselor asked all the former students to sing the school's anthem on the stage in front of everybody. It's not because I don't like the song or what, it's just that not everybody can sing in the same tune so just imagine la, it's horrfying. Some of my friends so semangat want to sing that eventually they shouted and it went out of tune. So memalukan. After that, we're asked to teach the other students from other schools. We're asked to go in groups of 3 to teach a partiular school our school anthem. Then he asked the girls to sing followed by the boys. Just felt so lame. He's just finding reasons to waste our time. What a boring 1st day in school.

Well the 3rd wasn't much different. We waited at the school canteen in the morning. Then we were seperated, science stream and arts stream, according to what we had registered. Standing in the sepak takraw court were the science students. We had to hear some 'wonderful' lectures by our penyelia tingkatan. *(Uncle Yeang Boon, if you're reading this section just ignore what i say k?haha..) Basically we stood there about 1 hour before we can go to our classes. And guess what, 65 people to a class. It's so freaking packed. Not enough tables and chairs also. After that we again had nothing to do. So the rest of the day we're 'stucked' in our classes. Teachers were suppose to enter but you know la, sometimes teachers are just lazy. My school is well known for that. Another thing is this lower 6 badge don't have any nice gals to look at. *sigh* But good also la, I get to concentrate. =P

7 more days and holidays starts. That's the fun part. We only go to school for about 10 days. But this time my holidays wil be different. I'll be going for a mission trip in Myanmar. Yay!!! I've been looking forward for this a very long time. And at last I'm 'old' enough and because of that my parents allow me to go. But most important of all, I think that's what God wants me to do in this holiday. I know this trip will be a very meaningful experience for me. The preparation for this trip is not easy for me, not physically but mentally and spiritually as well. All I can do is to pray and ask you my friends to pray for me. Romans 15 : 30 - "I urge you, brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to join me in my struggle by praying to God for me." The apostle Paul said this as he prepares his visit to Rome. Although my struggles might not be the same as his, just pray for me as i prepare myself to go to Myanmar to do God's work.

That's all I can blog for now. I got to finish my tuition homework and the tuition is tonight. Last minute person.haha.. Ciao guys!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Love this verse!!

You're my Friend
And You are my Brother
Even though You are my King
I want You more than any other
So much more than anything

Thanks Martin J. Nystrom for writing this song especially this verse!!

Life - Form 6 is startin!!

Hmmm... Wake up at 6, reach home at 2.30... That's the kind of life I'll be going through 4 days later. Tuition has begun and homework beginning to pile up. This will be the kind of life I'll be going through the next 18 months. Since deciding to take form6, I haven't hear a person that says it's easy or okay.. It's either tough or very tough. Till now I'm not sure whether form6 is the right choice for me but I guess I don have other alternatives. My results don't qualify me for JPA and my parents can't afford to send me to private colleges. So, I'll be seeing you Alor Starians for the next 2 years. Haha... I don't that will be good news for you guys or what but I'm pretty happy in Alor Star. Although it's still quite 'ulu', but I just like the simple life here. Food is cheap, travellin is quite convenient because we don't have traffic jams (kesian you KL people) , basically life is quite simple here, at least from the outside la. Where in M'sia can u get 'char koay teow' for only RM2. Haha..

How wonderful it'll be if all our lives are this simple and easy going. There are more then just all these in life. There are responsibilities for each and everyone of us, a purpose. We must be aware of this. Open our eyes and hearts to what He has in store for us. For me, I'm still not very sure what He has in store for me. I hope and pray that one day, soon, I'll know it. Speaking about responsibilities, sorry Lydia for loosing your bag. My apologies. I think we must learn to be responsible as we grow then only we can be at our best when doing His purpose for us. Responsibilities, remember that my friends.

I just don't know what am I crapping out but I hope that it'll strike that small part in your heart. I myself have to also remember my responsibilities, my purpose here. So i hope and pray that all of us will support each other in this area.

I gotta go now people. Gotta get ready for tuition. Haizz... Take care amigo(s)... God bless!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

True buddies

I had a small reunion with my primary school friends yesterday. I didn't expect it to be this small which is only 3 people including me, but we had a great time. yay! By the way, I fetched the other 2 of my friends, which means our reunion started even inside the car. haha.. The best part in the car is when 1 of my friend ask what language she should use when talkin to me. She tought I forgot how to speak mandarin. But quite true also, began to develop some 'english' slang when I speak in mandarin. Then when I spoke in mandarin, both of them also laugh cause of the slang. We went Secret Recipe to eat some nice cakes. After all Alor Star don have nice place to hang out, especially in the afternoon. We were there about 1 and a half hours, chattin non-stop. Talkin about all the past times we had together. Remembering all the gila moments especially during our standard6 class trip. It was fun!

It was quite a surprise that we still can click so well even though we didn't have much contact the past few years. After all I left chinese school and ever since then I almost lost conact with all my primary school friends. I really teasure the times we had together. And it made me realize that true friendship should last forever. Although this statement may sound like a fairy tale but I think it's true. There are many incidents in my life that made me realize how important freinds are. Although friends may let us down at times but it's always nice to have them around. Remember that God is also our friend. I really appreciate this friend I have who has never let me down.

So friends, appreciate the friends you have now before you leave this world. Support each other along our journey and together we walk closer to Him.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hi Everybody!!!

Hi everyone. I'm still new in this blogging world so just give me some time to get things done. And currently I'm a bit on the busy side so just hang on there and I'll post something in the near future. That's all folks!!