Wednesday, August 23, 2006


This entry won't be like the usaul ones you read. I'm here to express my feelings towards this great creation of God - COFFEE!!
All this while I've been a huge fan of coffee. Spending lots of my money just to get a nice cup of coffee. Coffee beans of any type drives me crazy. Beans from all around the world I've tasted. From its origin Brazil till my country Malaysia. I think coffee is one of the addictions that is legal. Thank the world for not making it illegal. lol...
My whole family loves coffee. My sis who doesn't like coffee when she was small now likes it too, of course it takes some brain washing from me. Oh ya, even my dog takes a lick or two during the weekends. As I'm blogging now, I have a cup of coffee on my table.
My dad who drinks 3 cups of coffee a day went for a check up one day and discovered that something about his bone isn't too good, mainly because of excess coffee. Therefore, now he has to cut down to one cup a day and take calcium tablets. Because of that, my mum who freaks out easily is forcing me to take calcium tablets too although i don't drink 3 cups of coffee a day. Me a 18 year old guy, taking calcium tablets?? This is madness!! Not only that, my mum insist that I drink at least one glass of milk everyday. At least I'm not drinking Anlene hi-calcium milk like my grandparents. All these makes me feel like I'm an old man. Sigh...
Well, all you coffee lovers out there, start drinking more coffee while you're still young. Cause once you get old, your kids will make you drink hi-calcium and cut down your cups of coffee per day. For those who are not crazy about coffee, u should drink it more often till you love em. For what I know, coffee is just simply marvelous and don't worry that you're over consuming it because coffee beans are not at the verge of extinction yet. lol...
Enjoy a cup/mug/bowl/saucer (depends how you drink it) of coffee today!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

All you need is Love???

Its been some time since i posted something new. Busy form 6 life, what to do. haih...
Lookin at my title, if you think that I'm gonna share my love life experiences, dream on. That's bit too personal to blog about. lol..
Being in love or a relationship has always been nice. But the process of getting in it is tough. Looking at one of my friend recently, i just feel pity for him. Trying so hard to get a partner but its so near yet so far. Loosing out to his friend when they were fighting over the same girl has made him lose his mind. Now he's trying out a new target and fail, yet again. Well what can I say.. If its not the time then you're in for nothing.
Looking at all these things around me has made me feel very thankful. First of all, I'm not in a process of getting a partner or getting out of a relationship, so basically I'm free from all these potential problems at the moment. phew...
The best part is I have already found the real love that I'm looking for. Don't get me wrong. I don't mean that I already have a life partner and is now married. Way too early for that. This love I'm talking about is from my heavenly Father. Never have I experienced such love before in my life. Knowing that He has died on the cross to rescue me from the punishment of death is just so great. He loved me so much till the extend that I mean everything to Him. What more can I do for my God that loves me so dearly then to offer my entire life to Him. There is a verse from a song that just expresses my feelings. Let me share it with you.

Dekat padaMu, itu rinduku
Setiap kataku, Kau pun menunggu
Tak ku sangka, ku temukan, satu kasih yang abadi
Kini ku datang, dan ku bawa hidupku...

Very meaningful isn't it? Well if any of you would want to know more about this love that I've experienced, post a comment and let me know. I would be very glad to share it with you.
Oh well, i gotta go now. Take care muah friends!!!