Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hanging On...

There was a boy, background unknown. He saw Jesus, standing at a short distance away from him. He ran towards Jesus, embracing Jesus' legs for Jesus is so big. He then looks upon Jesus' face with a smile. Jesus in return look down at him, returning the smile by stretching out His hand and stroke the boy's hair. Immediately, blessings flow into the boy, from head to toe, he was covered in Jesus' blessings.
Then Jesus said, " Hang on to me tightly. Hang on to me in faith. For as long as you are a part of me, I will never let you go. My power is your power. Stay with me and my blessings will always fill you."
Instantly, the boy fell to his knees and worship Jesus, thanking Jesus for this great promise that has been given to him.

This was what I saw, not once but twice in three days. It has given me faith to continue to seek God and like the boy, hang on to Jesus.

I hope this will give you great encouragement like how it did to me.

God bless all of you!

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