Friday, January 16, 2009

so near yet so far...

God is always near us and with us. But at times, we feel like He's so far, beyond where our arms could reach. Indeed, it is clearly stated in the Bible that men have fallen short of the glory of God. Therefore, I believe it is during these times when we feel that God is miles away from us. Being humans, we will ask questions like where is God when we need Him, why God doesn't answer me, why God allow such heartaches to happen in my life, and so on.

Is it for us to blame God for not showing us the light? Or is it for us to reflect on ourselves?

We have fallen short of God's glory. Darkness has no place in the awesomeness of God. If we want to be in God's presence, if we want to feel God's hand in our lives, we ought to look at ourselves. How has our life been. Is it pleasing to God or is it just pleasing our earthly desires?

We humans are selfish. We want God when we're in deep trouble and we push God aside when things are going the way we like it. We are being unfair to God. If it's because of this reason that God has shun His face from us, do we have the right to question what God is doing.

This agenda has been mingling around in my mind for a long long time. When are we going to live a life that is holy and righteous, that is completely pleasing to God. Is it even possible for us to achieve such a thing in this life on earth with our sinful nature?

God... Have mercy on me and all your children Lord for we have fallen short of Your standards. Teach us Father to live a life that is faultless before You. We yearn to come to You one day as a pure and holy sacrifice, spotless and acceptable to you.

Teach us O Father, how to be the children of God...

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sarah said...

your post really got me thinking..good piece..i think i need to ask myself those questions..

thank you, for being so open and honest about this issue that's been bugging you.