Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Peter vs. Judas

At the most recent Sunday, I suddenly had a little insight from God on what I last posted.

Just a little info, I attend Whispering Hope (preaching point of Emmanuel Methodist Church) every Sunday. We're currently doing a study on the book of Mark.

So here's where I got the little 'insight'. In Mark 3, Jesus appointed His 12 disciples, the order begins with Simon (Peter) and ending with Judas Iscariot. Uncle Sam shared with us that this 2disciples of Jesus had 1 thing in common. They both betrayed Jesus. Peter denied Jesus 3 times while Judas 'sold' and plotted Jesus' death with the pharisees. I'm not comparing the severeness of the 2 different betrayal but instead what did Peter and Simon did after they realize they betrayed Jesus, the innocent man.

After Peter had realized that he denied Jesus 3 times when the cockerel crowed, he was shocked that what Jesus prophesied that Peter thought would never happen took place when Peter denied Jesus 3 times when the roosted crowed for the second time. Peter broke down and wept in grief because he knew he had betrayed or denied the Son of God. The bible did not speak much on what Peter did after he realized his wrong doings but I assume he would have prayed to God and ask for forgiveness. Later, before Jesus' went back to be with the Father, He asked Peter, "Do you love me?", not once but 3 times. For all the 3 times Peter answered, "You know I love You."

In Judas' case, he suddenly came to his senses that he had betrayed an innocent man. Jesus was not only an innocent man, but Jesus was Judas' teacher, the person Judas vowed to follow and obey. When Judas had realized, he ran to the pharisees to return the 30 pieces of silver for which was given to him for handing Jesus over to the pharisees. The pharisees ignored and told Judas it was all too late. Judas lost his way and went on to hang himself.

The difference between Peter and Judas that I want to share is that Peter turn to God when he knew he was wrong while Judas turn to man when he knew he was wrong. What would have happened if Judas turn to God to ask for forgiveness instead of running back to the pharisees? On the other hand, Peter repented and went on to become a great disciple of God.

Relating back to my previous post, we have fallen short of God's glory many times in our lives. But it is shown here through the example of Peter and Judas that if we repent and turn to God, He will not only accept us with open arms but God will also use us or even bless us far greater than what we ask or deserve.

Peter: a fisherman - Jesus' follower - betrayed Jesus - realize and repented - a great servant of God.
We: born sinners - saved as we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Saviour - betray Jesus by following the ways of the world - realize and repented - a great servant of God.

Can the plot as written above be true? I believe it is, if we realize and repent.

Show us Your way Father. We come before You with humility and repentance. Hear our cry and accept us once again Father, as we repent and turn back to You.


gerviene said...

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hey yo! very interesting perspective.. I'm blessed =)

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